Mas Agua Para Todos
Adapting to CC and Mitigating Water Scarcity by Innovative UWM in Cuba

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Because of its geographical location, topography and insular character, Cuba is particularly vulnerable to climate change effects, where water scarcity is one of the consequences of major concern. The objective of this project is to contribute to alleviate water scarcity issues in Cuba through 2 applied research activities and 1 capacity building component which involve the introduction of innovative practices on urban water management.

Expected results

The activities aim to contribute to increase water availability in Cuba by contributing to (i) decrease demand of potable and drinking water and (ii) encourage wastewater treatment, reclamation and reuse while protecting the environment.

To warrant the availability of water in the required and appropriate quantity and quality is of vital importance for development, to reduce poverty, to secure the well-being and health of the inhabitants and towards achieving food security and supporting vital economic activities. Therefore, the general objective of the present project is to contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of the climate change effects on water scarcity in Cuba by introducing innovative practices in the Cuban urban water management sector.

In order to achieve the general objective, a balanced blend of research and development activities on innovative urban water management approaches, combined with capacity building and institutional strengthening, is planned which is reflected in three specific objectives:

Methodology of the project "Mas agua para todos"