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Adapting to CC and Mitigating Water Scarcity by Innovative UWM in Cuba

Result 2

Increased reuse of treated wastewater in Cuba

Wastewater reclamation and reuse are seen as key practices to cope with water scarcity caused by the effects of climate change to (partially) release current stress on water resources and satisfy the future water demand. From this perspective, the introduction of efficient wastewater treatment technologies that allow the potential reuse of water is of vital importance.

Aiming at wastewater reuse, the main objective of this action is to improve the performance of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants through (i) optimizing the treatment processes with the aid of modern engineering and process approaches including wastewater characterization, process monitoring and modelling, and (ii) upgrading wastewater treatment plants by the implementation and operation of compact mobile container systems comprised of a membrane bioreactor (MBR). Of particular importance will be to explore the potential reuse of treated wastewater on agriculture, aquaculture and in the agro-industry, which belong to a vital sector highly sensitive to water scarcity.

Submerged MBR (Source: Henze et al. (2008))